My Summer in Photos by:Jessica Sveen
I would wake up everyday and feed my cat, Ludo.
Then, we would go and clean out my mom's old storage unit.
And, that was no easy task.
I found a bunch of old things. Old drawings, old clothes, and boxes upon boxes of negatives from pictures mom took over the years. I get the feeling developing them will be my next summer project. Because, it will probably take all of summer to do.
Whatever we didn't throw away or keep, we donated. So, I made a lot of trips to Goodwill that summer.
Of course, after all that, I'd be exhausted, and collapse on the couch.
That was the first time I ever got sunburn on sunburn. So, that was an experience.
Then, of course, the king would miss me all day. He'd nurse my sore muscles with hugs and kisses.